Time management can be easy with recruitment automation

Jan 02, 2019

Time management made easy with recruitment automation

Time management is an important aspect that every HR team is struggling to get right, when it comes to conducting recruitment drives at campuses and hiring fresh graduates. Although recruitment may seem an arduous and challenging task, with proper time management, it helps you hire quality candidates who add value to your company. In the past few years, there has been a considerable shift in the campus recruitment process. Companies are trying to switch to using automation to streamline their hiring process in a cost-effective way, leaving behind the traditional recruiting process which involves a lot of manual work. Automation has not only streamlined and eased the entire recruiting process, but also eliminated biases and prejudice in the hiring process, ensuring that the best suited candidates join the firm.

Why is time management important?

We’ve identified the most critical reasons why time management is important while conducting a successful campus recruitment drive.

  1. Early closure of positions: Companies must focus on early closure of positions, meaning they should complete their hiring process on the same of their campus recruitment drives to save time and reduce costs. They should plan their recruitment drive in such a way that they are able to evaluate and recruit all the suitable candidates by the end of the day instead of extending further.
  2. Quality hire of candidates: Time management requires good planning and recruitment strategy. If a company is able to plan its campus recruitment drive well using an automation tool to manage few of its processes, it will be able to conduct a hassle-free recruitment drive and also hire top candidates. If the HR team is able to manage its time effectively, it will able to focus on evaluating the candidates based on their performance and hire the best ones for the job profile.  
  3. Avoid confusions and delays: Time management helps to avoid any last-minute confusion and delay in the recruitment process. This is because the company has a proper plan chalked out before it begins the recruitment process, and by following this plan efficiently, the HR team can conduct all the rounds – aptitude tests, technical rounds, and interview rounds – at the planned time period in a hassle-free manner.

Recruitment processes that can be automated, thereby saving your time

Candidates today are reluctant to spend too much time on one company if they have an option of getting hired in another one. Following the traditional hiring method is a time-consuming process as it involves a lot of manual work. Automating a few processes in the recruitment drive saves a lot of time and helps the HR to hire the best candidates who can increase the overall productivity of the firm. Here are a few processes that can be automated while planning a campus recruitment drive to manage time effectively and hire quality candidates.

  1. Candidate sourcing: Candidate sourcing is an arduous process that takes long hours to identify candidates and shortlist them based on their backgrounds and skills. Automating this process allows the HR to save a lot of time and become more productive since they now have to focus on candidate performance in the campus recruitment drive to shortlist the best ones for hire.
  2. Data collection and storage: Collecting and maintaining details of internal and external candidates is an arduous task and automating the same helps the HR team save a lot of time and effort. By using the automation tool effectively, the hiring team can create a comprehensive database with all relevant candidate details and this list comes handy when the team visits different campuses for conducting recruitment drives.    
  3. Resume screening process: Resume screening as per the job profile is another time-consuming activity for the HR team. Manual screening can lead to slips between the cracks since many potential candidates might get filtered out. Automating this process saves a considerable amount of time and also eliminates the biases that can occur while screening resumes.  
  4. Interview scheduling: Identifying the best person for the interview panel and allocating time slots for the interviews is a time-taking process. Recruiters can use the automation tool to do this job efficiently and fix different time slots for the shortlisted candidates with the respective interview panels. The tool then updates the candidates and the interview panel about the interview time slots and ensures a smooth flow of events.
  5. Feedback communication: Communicating candidate scores in the different rounds to the next interviewer is an important task for the hiring team. While entering the details manually after every assessment round can take a considerable amount of HR’s time, adopting a smart recruiting strategy of automating this process with an automation tool is a great way to save time. To speed up the recruiting process the HR team updates the candidate scores at the end of every round, and the tool communicates the same to the respective members.
  6. Single data entry point: Managing a large volume of data across spreadsheets is a humongous process. While shortlisting best candidates for the job profile, the HR spends hours and hours in reviewing the candidate details, their performance scores, and feedback from the interview panel to onboard the most suitable one into the team. Having a single data entry point, where all details are entered and maintained at a single place using an automation tool, reduces the time spent on data collation and helps the HR to onboard candidates easily.


Time management is essential in the recruitment process, and the HR team should ensure that they do not spend too much time onboarding for a particular profile. Automating certain processes which do not require a lot of human effort is a great recruitment strategy since it helps to save a considerable amount of time as well as onboard the best candidates into the team. To know more, visit https://pod.ai/employers

Jan 02, 2019

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