Making Recruitment Process Transparent with Automation Software

Apr 08, 2019

Making Recruitment Process Transparent with Automation Software

Why is Automation in Hiring so Important?

The latest advancements in technology have made it possible for campus recruiters to become more transparent in their recruiting processes. This has allowed HR to find good talent, engage with them and hire the best fit for the organization. The competitive job market has compelled companies to conduct well-organized campus drives, ensuring good candidate experience and recruitment transparency when hiring. And that’s the reason recruiters have started amping up their game by shifting from manual to automated practices. Good branding and recruitment tools are a must for all companies planning to conduct campus drives.

Today’s candidates are well informed and have resources like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and more to research about a company and its credibility before sitting down for their placements. With candidates spending more time researching about companies and their culture online before campus recruitments, organizations must ensure greater transparency to avoid missing out on hiring good students for the job profile. With automation software widely used by recruiters, maintaining transparency in campus drives has become an easy task to achieve.

When it comes to recruitment, here are some very basic ways to bring method to the madness:

  • Create a timeline and adhere to it: Planning a campus drive well before the actual event is crucial. As there are multiple processes to take care of, companies more often than not are unable to focus on the transparency aspect of the recruitment. To ensure a good candidate experience and identify possible pain points, the company must design a well-planned timeline and adhere to it. This can be done by using a good automation software that automates the processes and also keeps track of all the information uploaded in it.
  • Share the details of the campus drive: Sharing the details of the campus drive well in time with the colleges and students is important, and the hiring team should do so well before they visit the colleges. Students must be aware of what companies are coming to their campus and have a clear idea of the job profiles as well. They should know about the company culture and opportunities before they sit for the placements. Automation can be used to keep a calendar track for sending out updates on different platforms where the company interacts with candidates.
  • Share company’s policies and culture with candidates: The recruiting company must share its policies and culture on various platforms so that the candidates are aware of the organization visiting their campus for hiring them. Also, HR must share a clear job description with the students to help them understand the roles and responsibilities of the job profile. This way, candidates can prepare as required for the drive and perform well.
  • Manage candidate queries regularly: From the time a company shares its recruitment plan with the college and students until it actually visits the campus, the hiring team should dedicatedly manage candidate queries on social media platforms. This helps to have better transparency about the various processes involved in the campus drive and the selection criteria of the company. The HR can automate this process with an automation software by creating a chatbot for the students to interact with.
  • Update the candidates about their performance: It is a good practice to update the candidates about their scores and performances in the different rounds to conduct transparent campus recruitment. Companies must ensure they share the scores of each round with the students to let them know if they have been shortlisted for the next round. This also helps to save the candidates time. With an automation software, the company can send out emails or SMSes immediately to inform candidates about their performance.
  • Give proper feedback after interview: Giving appropriate feedback after an interview is necessary. The feedback must include details about their interview scores, comments of the interviewers and the selection status (selected or rejected). Thus, feedback helps candidates to understand their mistakes and improve themselves for future drives.

Recruitment transparency must be maintained at three different levels to successfully hire candidates from colleges. Using an automation software, recruiters are able to achieve this which makes the recruiting process extremely streamlined and well organized. The three levels are explained below:

With the HR team

Easy and effective management within the team: In case of small teams, automation software gives the freedom to manage the team effectively.

Good coordination and data sharing: Automation software helps in easy data sharing between multiple team members working in different regions. This way, all the members stay updated about the various processes and can work in a coordinated manner.

With the business team

Exact dates of drives: Using automation software, HR can communicate the exact date of recruitment drives with the business team and give them sufficient time to plan for the various processes that they carry on in the campus drive.

Number of candidates: The business team can be informed about the number of candidates the company needs to hire and how many campuses it needs to visit to meet the numbers.

How interviews are planned: Business team can take the aid of automation software to plan their interviews and decide on the members for the interview panel. They can come up with the appropriate questions and focus on a particular skill to evaluate in the interview round.  

Sharing of feedback: As much as conducting interview is necessary, sharing the interview feedback with the team members is also essential for further decision making. Interviewers can upload their scores and feedback into the software which will be shared with other members of the business team, allowing them to shortlist the top candidates and make an offer to them,.

Schedule and resume accessibility: The business team members must have access to the campus drive schedule prepared by the HR for planning purposes. Also, the team will need access to the resumes of potential students to shortlist the best ones and focus on them during the drive. Automation software helps the team to conduct a smooth drive.

With the candidates

Job description: The company must share the exact job description with the students, mentioning all the roles and responsibilities required for the job profile. This allows the students to decide better and perform well in the interview.

Selection criteria: Selection criteria for shortlisting students for the job profile must be shared with the colleges and the individuals to avoid any bias and discrepancies.

Next steps: Apart from various assessment rounds, students must be aware of the next steps in the campus drive. That is, they should be informed about the number of interview rounds, releasing of the offer letter and onboarding them into the team.

Critical dates: The company must give out a list of critical dates such as date for registration, the actual campus drive, announcement of final shortlisted student list, releasing of offer letter, and the tentative date of joining the company.

Clarifying queries: Clarifying student queries is necessary and the company must create a mechanism for the students to reach out to them for any query.

Share exact information: Recruiters need to adopt certain steps to ensure that accurate and updated information is being relayed to prospective candidates. And a great way to achieve that is through automation of the entire recruitment process.

If you are a campus recruiter looking for ways to enhance your recruitment drives and make it more transparent, reach out to , and we can provide you with a bullet-proof strategy to conduct a successful recruitment drive to hire the best talent from colleges. With the help of advanced technical tools, our expert professionals can provide a wide array of services to companies that are new to campus recruiting. Visit us at to know more about our team and understand our services better.

Apr 08, 2019

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