Why is it important to consider the past 3 years trend when planning for 2020 batch?

Feb 28, 2019

Why is it important to consider the past 3 years trend when planning for 2020 batch?

The recruitment trends constantly undergo changes to stay in tune with the recent market requirement and also pave way for improving the hiring strategies followed by the recruiters. Recruiters who had been following a particular hiring strategy a few years ago cannot stick to the same pattern if they wish to see their company grow in size and revenue. With the ever-changing advancements in technology, holding onto old and obsolete practices and techniques will not help the company hire good candidates and also meet their numbers.

Since 2016, there has been a massive shift in the way companies planned and conducted their recruitment drives. Their focus has broadened, they have started incorporating the latest recruitment tools for the better hiring process, and have also started automating various processes to save time and efforts. Such trends are improving and growing each year and recruitments have now become less manual and more digital to meet with the market demands and also to stay ahead in the competition. Following are the major breakthroughs in the recruitment scenario in the past three years:

  • Introduction of diversity in the workplace: Since 2016, the recruiters have begun focusing on improving their company culture by expanding their reach and visiting a large number of campuses to hire candidates from different educational, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. This trend is ardently followed by many companies even in their current recruitment drives as they are able to build rich and diverse teams and have a crossover of people from various backgrounds.
  • Re-inventing the interview process with new tools: In the past three years, recruiters have started turning towards new tools that help them focus on planning their interviews well and also offering a better candidate experience. To eliminate issues such as bias between the interviewers, designing the best questions to ask, the time taken to scan resumes and also to cut down on the length of the interviews, the recruiter has started using advance HR software that helps make the interview process transparent and more efficient and timely.
  • Beginning of data-driven recruitment: Data is an integral part of the recruitment drive since it is not only required for identifying the right campuses and candidates but also for making appropriate decisions regarding hiring an individual.
  • The growing popularity of automation: Nothing has influenced the recruitment process as much as automation. Automating numerous manual processes has saved a lot of time and money for the companies, and it is a trend that will exist and improve in the coming years. From sourcing and screening candidates to updating the student information in the relevant databases, automation does it all. Due to the efficiency and accuracy automation has brought into the recruitment process, it is a trend that is growing in popularity with each passing year.

Creating a bullet-proof recruitment plan for 2020

Analyzing past trends is essential to create a bullet-proof plan for recruiting in 2020. Past trends keep you abreast with the market changes and requirements and help you devise your strategy in tune with that. Since 2016, the recruitment process has undergone significant changes and the focus has expanded to a lot of aspects which were not that prevalent until then. In this post, we concisely explain the importance of analyzing past trends to strategize a better recruitment plan for 2020.

  • Keep up with the ever-changing market trends: Recruitment scenario changes each year with the change in the country’s GDP with some sectors having higher vacancies than others. Students also focus on those companies that have higher vacancies and offer better job opportunities. In order to hire good candidates, a company must invest sufficiently in branding and powerful recruitment tools that will help them reach out to a large number of students and convince them about how the organization will help these them build a great career.
  • Analyze past trends and strategize for the future accordingly: If you take a close look at the changing recruiting trends in the past three years, you will notice that there has been a  tremendous shift in the hiring strategies followed by recruiters. Companies are planning their drives well before the recruitment season and are using the latest technologies to enhance their hiring process. For instance, the trend of creating a larger talent pool or using automation software and tools to make recruitment more transparent and streamlined had begun in the past is continuing still and will be followed in the coming years as well.      
  • How to use the past trends to make better recruitment decisions: Since 2016, recruitments have become more data-driven, automated and candidate-oriented because skilled candidates have a high demand in the market, and with the help of the internet and latest technology, students have become more savvy and smart. Following these past trends even in the upcoming campus drives will only help you hire the right candidates in a short span of time. Moreover, using intelligent and data-driven recruitment tools, HR can create a large talent pool to rely on.
  • To anticipate future trends and advancements in technology: Just like technological advancements that keep happening every year, new and improved methods are adopted by recruiters every year so as to enhance their strategy and hire the top talent. Keeping abreast with the past and current trends and advancements in technology will help you anticipate the market changes and demands early on and plan your drives accordingly.
  • Create a strong financial plan to support any recruitment advances: Recruitment strategies keep evolving each year which also leads to tremendous competition among companies to hire the best candidates into their firms. For conducting successful campus drives, the organization must have a proper strategy to allocate funds for the same. For this purpose, the companies have to start planning way ahead of the actual recruitment season by analyzing their past spends and come up with a better financial plan for the future. They must be aware of the latest technologies and tools that can help them cut down their costs and save time while helping them hire the top candidates and also meet their recruitment numbers.

Thus, having a sound idea about how recruitment scenario has enhanced since the past three years, you will be well prepared to commence your campus drive for 2020 batch. Past trends also help you understand the do’s and don’ts for your future recruitment and helps you in the decision-making process.

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Feb 28, 2019

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