Why you need a campus recruitment strategy

Mar 19, 2019

Why you need a campus recruitment strategy

Campus recruitment drive is the best process a company can follow to hire new candidates in large numbers. This is because the company has the option of hiring robust and talented candidates who can be trained and groomed as per the job requirements. Training on the job helps the employees understand the company culture and adapt to the technologies used in it.

Any growth oriented organisation needs to chalk out a hiring plan before conducting a campus recruitment drive that involves large scale hiring. With the increasing demand for the right talent and increasing number of companies flocking to those colleges, a concrete recruitment plan is the only way by which the HR team of a company can avoid the last-minute chaos and conduct a smooth drive. The following reasons discussed below give a detailed insight into the importance of having a campus recruitment strategy.

  1. Save time and effort

A good recruitment strategy involves choosing suitable colleges and deciding on the time slots to organise the campus drive. This ensures that the HR team reaches the campus at the beginning of the recruitment drive to select the appropriate candidates for the position on hire since reaching late would result in the best candidates getting hired by other firms visiting the same campus. The HR team is also responsible for crafting good assessment tests to evaluate the candidate’s overall skills and talent such that only the best candidates are shortlisted, and others get filtered out. Such meticulous planning and preparation removes the last-minute hassles and saves a lot of time for the hiring team.

  1. Build Brand Value

The HR team should make the best use of the current technological advancement and connect to potential talent early on, creating a positive buzz about the company to keep them interested. A company’s brand value determines the type of talent it will attract and therefore, it is the responsibility of the hiring team to ensure the students of the visiting colleges are aware of the company’s brand value in the market and also about its culture. Candidates do a thorough research about the companies visiting their campus, and if they are unaware of any of those companies, they ignore appearing to their recruitment drive. In this way, firms tend to lose potential candidates who might contribute to improving the productivity of the company in a big way. Such an effort from the hiring team to create a positive brand value ensures talented candidates joining them.

  1. Good candidate experience

The hiring team visiting the college campus must ensure a fair candidate experience in the campus recruitment drive. All interested candidates must get equal opportunity to participate in the recruitment drive, and they should be shortlisted on the basis of their skills. Also, the candidates should have enough information about the company visiting their campus to be able to make the best decision.

  1. Effective streamlining of the drive

Streamlining a recruitment drive involves having everything required by the hiring team in a single place. This means the teams should be able to access the student records, assessment tests designed for each college, interview questions crafted for different campus drives, and the individual test and interview scores of the candidates easily. This helps the hiring team to make effective decisions when it comes to shortlisting candidates for the position.

  1. Recruit the right candidate

The technical and business teams of a recruiting company must collaborate and come up with the right assessment and interview questions that evaluate a candidate’s technical knowledge as well as problem-solving ability. Preparing them in advance makes it easier for the HR team to conduct the drive smoothly and also identify the right candidates based on their skills and talent, avoiding any bias or prejudice that might arise due to improper evaluation of the tests. Such a strategy also eliminates the undesirable candidates early on, leaving only the best candidates to interview and select.

  1. Discipline and Time Management

To conduct a hassle-free recruitment drive, a company must ensure it has the list of colleges to visit, the skill sets to evaluate for the hiring position, questions assessing the skills and talent of the candidates, and appropriate evaluation criteria for shortlisting the right candidates.  The hiring team must have the right members on the interview panel to conduct interviews and evaluate candidates for the desired skills required for the position and shortlist them accordingly. With proper coordination among different teams, the company is able to carry out the recruitment drive in a disciplined manner, avoiding all delays that might arise in case of ineffective planning.

Concluding note

A concrete recruitment strategy is a key to hassle-free campus drive. Effective planning not only helps the company hire the right candidates easily but also avoids delays and last-minute chaos that arise due to inefficient planning. Therefore, for a company to expand exponentially and have higher productivity, it must focus on conducting a well-planned recruitment drive in order to hire the right candidates.  Visit us at https://pod.ai/employers and avail our services to conduct a smooth campus recruitment.

Mar 19, 2019

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