Why POD offers you the best talent pool

Mar 11, 2019

Why POD offers you the best talent pool

Before we get into how Pod.ai can offer you the best talent in the market, let’s first introduce the company to you. Pod.ai is a company that offers recruitment services by bringing the students, alumni and the faculty of any educational institution to a single platform to help build successful careers and help companies hire fresh talent easily.

Pod.ai enables the students of an educational or professional institute to participate in campus placements and other career-related activities being organized by their respective colleges or institutes conveniently. Pod.ai ’s goal is to make the availability of great talent easy to companies. With a well-designed recruitment tool and unmatched services, Pod.ai can help plan your entire recruitment drive and give you access to the best talent pool.

How Pod.ai can help?

Providing a single platform for recruitment: As a company planning campus recruitment, you’ll understand better the need to have a single platform to manage all your recruitment process and that’s exactly what Pod.ai has to offer. With Pod.ai , you’ll have access to a platform that brings together students, alumni, faculty and your recruiting team. This way it will be easy to screen resumes, get student data, schedule interviews, access document feedback and make your recruitment process more streamlined and organized.

Expanding reach: Pod.ai can help companies connect to colleges located throughout India by providing companies with the database of pan Indian colleges. This will help companies pool in a large number of candidates from different backgrounds, thereby bringing about diversity.

Providing remote accessibility: Not only does Pod.ai connect you to colleges across the country, but it can also help to offer remote access to it’s recruiting software. Which means you don’t have to be present at the recruitment site to know how the process is panning out, you’ll be able to remotely access all the student data, feedback and more.

Defining the job description correctly: In order for a company to attract the right candidates, they have to detail out a job description that is correct and justifies the job role and responsibilities. Sometimes, defining a job description can be difficult and here’s where Pod.ai can help. By automating mundane work such as resume screening etc., your companies’ HR team can focus more on important tasks such as defining job descriptions.

Broadcasting the job vacancy: Once you’ve successfully defined your job description, the next step is to broadcast the same on various job portals and job boards. Another step Pod.ai can make easy and efficient for you. Through the Pod.ai software, you’ll be able to upload your job vacancy to various colleges and also manage the same efficiently.

Making resume screening easy: Resume screening is still one of the most time-consuming processes of recruitment, however, with Pod.ai it doesn’t have to be. By making all resumes available in a single format on a single platform, your recruiting team will have complete access to the resumes and will also be able to record feedbacks and leave comments on the resumes for reference.

Providing a platform for making the recruitment process more organized: The biggest set back a company can face while conducting campus recruitment is an unorganized recruiting process. With the help of the Pod.ai , you can streamline your recruitment process right from the start. This platform allows you to store candidate data, assign interviews and interview schedules, live-track the interview in real time and even record interview feedback. This will help you move through each step of the recruitment process easily.

Offering assessment test: As part of the recruitment drive, it’s important for all companies to hold an assessment to distinguish a potential candidate from the non-potential ones. Pod.ai can help provide companies with standard assessments or help customize them to suit the job role and responsibilities. When you have the right assessment, you’ll invariably get the best talent to choose from.

Providing assessment correction: Another tedious step of recruitment is correcting assignment. With the help of Pod.ai , you can automate assessment correction and easily complete the correction process in less time than usual. This also eliminates human error and prejudice.

Making the right decision: When you have all your recruitment data, including candidate data, assessment scores and interview feedback available on one single platform, it becomes easier for a company to make the right decision about hiring the right candidate.

From the above points, it is clear that Pod.ai is the right team to help your company with recruitment. With the expertise to help in strategizing the entire drive, Pod.ai can help to provide you with the best talent pool making it easy for you to onboard fresh and skilled talent. So if you’re a company in need of recruitment help, get in touch with us by visiting https://pod.ai/employers today.

Mar 11, 2019

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