Why is POD a go-to recruitment platform for college placement officers?

May 23, 2019

Why is POD a go-to recruitment platform for college placement officers?

Training and placement officers (TPO) are a vital link between companies and candidates. They are responsible for contacting companies, sharing candidate data, organizing campus recruitment during placement season and training candidates for placements. It requires a lot of communication and coordination by the TPOs which is why managing these processes is tough without a good tech tool in hand. Following the conventional practice of contacting companies individually and sharing student data is time-consuming and may not be the right approach in today’s highly competitive and fast-paced recruitment market.

With the advent of technology, using a reliable tool for organising campus placements in colleges  is a must. With an intelligent platform like Pod.ai , the placement officers can conduct placements in a hassle-free way.

Pod.ai allows TPOs to update and access all the important information quickly, thereby eliminating all manual tasks and paperwork. It also helps them keep track of the performance and progress of each candidate participating in the campus placement drive.

Along with this, Pod.ai also has a number of other features such as real-time information sharing, data analysis, and prompt notifications  to maintain transparency throughout the placement process and keep track of candidates’ performance.

Let us take a deeper look at how Pod.ai coordinates and streamlines the different processes of campus placement and why it is a one-stop solution for college placement officers:

  • Prompt notification: The Pod.ai app keeps students updated through prompt notifications. Students receive information about the companies visiting the campus, number of assessment rounds being conducted, their scores/progress in each round, and whether they are selected for the next round. If they get shortlisted for the interview round, they are notified about their interviewer along with the time and venue of the interview.
  • Real-time information sharing: Pod.ai has real-time information sharing feature where all important information can be easily accessed by companies, TPOs, colleges and candidates on the app. Since all the important processes are automated, there is also a huge cut down on manual and paperwork.   
  • Standardised reviewing: All information stored in Pod.ai is displayed in a standard format so that companies and students can view the required details easily. For instance, when multiple companies request student data from TPOs, the information is shared in different formats in tune with company standards. Having various formats of the same information creates confusion. With Pod.ai this issue is easily resolved since the platform provides a standard, organised format for information viewing – one for student resumes and one for all other basic information shared by the companies.The companies and TPOs can also download the required information in a standard format via Pod.ai for their use. Therefore, standard viewing of data helps companies and colleges to analyse information with more ease.
  • Data analysis for tracking performances and results: Pod.ai provides data analysis feature using which the TPOs can create reports to analyse the performance of the students, depicting them as graphs and statistics. They can also analyse how many companies visited the campus, the number of eligible students participating, how many students got selected, how many of them accepted the offer and for what packages. Even companies can access information about which colleges and students have performed well in the placements and target them in the future.
  • Knowledge sharing platform: Pod.ai also acts as a knowledge sharing platform where the TPOs, students and alumni can interact with each other. The TPOs can provide useful tips, keep students updated about interviews and help them connect with alumni to clarify their queries. Students can also receive guidance about how to face interviews, how and what to prepare, and how to answer the panel to improve their chances of getting selected.
  • Transparency and clarity: Pod.ai stores all important information related to companies, candidates and placement processes on the app. The TPOs can track the progress of the students shortlisted from one round to the next, while the students get notification about their performance in each and every round. This helps to build good transparency and clarity and everyone has using the platform has a clear idea of the entire process.
  • Organise job fairs: Organising job fairs requires a lot of legwork and management. With a cutting-edge tech tool like Pod.ai , the processes can be controlled and managed better. The TPOs have an upper hand in controlling all the events and can also use Pod.ai to inform and invite colleges and companies to participate in the job fair.

If you are a college placement officer, you must now have understood the importance of using a smart tool to manage the placement activities. With all the above-mentioned essential features built into the online platform, Pod.ai is certainly your go-to solution. Visit https://pod.ai/employers for more information related to Pod.ai .

May 23, 2019

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