How POD can help new colleges with their campus placement drive

Jun 07, 2019

How POD can help new colleges with their campus placement drive

In addition to placement records, there are n number of factors that students take into consideration while deciding on which college to attend, such as the reputation of the college, quality of academic programs being offered, infrastructure, campus life, etc. New colleges might be at a disadvantage when it comes to campus placement as they might not have strong connections with the industry or the alumni network. However, every problem presents us with an opportunity. You can showcase other aspects of your college that you are particularly proud of – be it the accolades that you have won, advanced infrastructure or any notable research work.

The importance of placement cells

Every college must have a placement cell with dedicated Training and Placement Officers or TPOs. You cannot have an effective campus placement drive without a proper placement cell in place. The TPOs are the face of the college as they are the ones who reach out to different organizations to ‘market’ their college. They must be professionals with excellent skills who can endorse the values that your college embodies.

Now, the TPOs are burdened with a lot of work as they need to start from scratch. Establishing a placement cell can be an arduous task as they first need to build a solid profile and subsequently set up meetings with potential recruiters. As there’s a lot of manual labor involved, the work can be extremely cumbersome. This further makes your campus placement drive less efficient. To cut down on the humdrum of routine manual labor and unnecessary paperwork, you need to switch to an automated recruitment system. This will not only help reduce the burden on the TPOs but also make the campus placement drive much more efficient. As the recruitment process is now more streamlined and transparent, it results in a better placement record. is a recruitment platform that automates the entire process of campus placement which helps minimize errors and reduce any possible lapses. So, here are ways in which can help you conduct a hassle-free campus placement drive:

Makes the job of placement coordinator a lot easier: As stated earlier, TPOs are burdened with a lot of unnecessary manual labor and paperwork. Now, cuts down on these things as the process is entirely automated.  Now, their time saved can, therefore, be used more effectively for activities such as building your college’s brand or networking, which are instrumental in bringing more recruiters to your campus placement drive.

Instant notifications for students through mobile app: How often do we see students miss out on an excellent opportunity because of a lack of proper communication? Now, this feature can be a real lifesaver for students as they get notified about all the important events such as details about organizations visiting the campus for placement, information regarding the candidacy of students such as if they have been selected for subsequent rounds of interviews, date, venue of interviews, etc. It’s imperative to have a transparent recruitment process so that students are kept in the loop regarding all the ongoing placement activities.

Real-time tracking of students: This feature gives you an overview of all the students. Now, you can track the real-time progress of each student and thereby, help them increase their efficiency and productivity.

Communication tool: TPOs can easily contact the alumni of the college for recruitment as they would be more than willing to help their juniors. It also serves as a knowledge sharing platform as the alumni, students and the TPOs can communicate with one another. In addition to providing placement opportunities to students, the alumni can also help students by giving them important tips and suggestions that might help them get placed in the organization of their choice. The TPOs can also use this platform to inform students about the placement process.

Optimizes recruitment drive: structures data to make it more comprehensible and accessible. You can now review the performance of students year on year. Now, this data helps analyze the recruitment trends so that you can make bankable predictions. It also helps optimize your placement drive by identifying key areas of improvement.

Standardized resume format for easy perusal: As companies have to scout for good candidates from a huge pile of resumes, it is imperative that you have a standardized resume format so as to make their job easier. Moreover, it also reduces the burden on students as they have a readymade template that they can follow. It also ensures consistency and relevance of data thereby, helping in quick decision making.

Schedules events and sets reminders: You will never have to worry about forgetting about an important meeting or being late to one as reminds you about them. In addition to setting reminders, it is also capable of scheduling events, meetings, and interviews. Students are also automatically notified about the date, time and venue of the interviews in case they are selected for the same.

Helps organize a job fair: A career expo or job fair is a large scale event that involves a large number of schools and companies, making it a challenge to manage. can take care of cumbersome activities such as sending out invitations to schools and organizations and thus helps you organise a successful job fair.

Automatically generates reports to be submitted to the companies: Gone are the days when TPOs used to manually collate information of each student. With , you don’t have to worry about having to manually create reports.  

As an upcoming college, you need to focus on building a strong network and a profile that can help bring in more recruiters. For everything else related to campus placement, there’s . To know more, visit our website:    

Jun 07, 2019

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