What is the right time to hit the campuses for 2020 recruitment- soliciting interest & conducting the drives(optimize your plan & travel)

Feb 27, 2019

What is the right time to hit the campuses for 2020 recruitment- soliciting interest & conducting the drives(optimize your plan & travel)

Planning and preparing for campus recruitment drives starts much before a company visits the campus for recruiting candidates. This is because, processes such as sourcing and screening candidates and colleges have to be done well in advance to limit their visits to only the right campuses. Moreover, companies must also be aware of the right time to visit the campuses to hire maximum students. But, the right time to start would depend on the following factors:

  • Number of colleges to target: The right time to visit campuses largely depends on the number of colleges you plan to visit to recruit candidates for your organization. If you have to visit around 20-30 campuses or more, you should plan your recruitment drive at the start of the hiring season to get maximum participation from the students and also hire the top performers.
  • Location of these college: The campuses that you have shortlisted to visit may be located in different cities and states, and in order to visit them all, you have to commence your drive as soon as the recruitment season in these colleges begin.  
  • Recruitment numbers: If you have large recruitment numbers to achieve, starting on early is the right approach. Since it is not guaranteed that all top candidates from a select few colleges will accept your offer, you would have to visit a lot of campuses to meet your recruitment numbers. Visiting campuses at the start of the season would be the right time to commence your hiring session.

Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment strategy of a company completely depends on what recruiters wish to focus on first. It can be planning the company branding, or training the shortlisted students on a particular skill required for the job profile and soliciting their interest. Recruitment strategy will also depends on the below-mentioned aspects:

Recruitment cycle of the colleges: Every college has its own recruitment season and visiting it at the beginning of the season gives you an edge over your competitors. It is good to learn the recruitment cycles of the campuses you plan to visit and strategize your drive accordingly.

Packages you can offer for the profile: Based on the number of candidates you wish to hire for your firm and the salary packages you can offer to the students, you must coordinate with colleges and choose the right time slot for conducting your drive.

Placement rules and slots: Coordinating with campuses to understand their placement rules and buying the best slot that suits you is important for conducting a successful campus drive.

Recruitment model

After drafting a bullet-proof recruitment strategy, you must next focus on the recruitment model and how you would like to conduct your drive. You can choose any of the following models:

Off campus drives: Conduct off-campus drives to allow a large number of students to participate so that you can hire candidates from different backgrounds and skills that match your profile requirements.

Pooled drives: Pooled campuses can save a lot of time and effort since you can hire students from various campuses in the vicinity in a single drive without having to physically visit those campuses one by one.

Remote recruitment: Remote recruitment can be conducted to hire candidates from far off campuses where you cannot physically make a visit. It is a good strategy to reach out to a large number of students and hire them the top performers from there.

Physical visits to the campus: After finding out when the recruitment season will commence in the campuses you plan to visit, you can physically visit them and conduct drives to hire the best students for your company.

Therefore, depending on the above situations companies can come up with the right time to start their recruitment efforts to hire the top talent from the colleges and also meet their numbers on time.

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Feb 27, 2019

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