How to build your brand name with Colleges?

Jul 25, 2018

How to build your brand name with Colleges?

Looking to start your next batch of campus recruitment? What if we told you that you can hire the right kind of talent by becoming a company that candidates aspire to in the first place? Being a recognizable and loved brand is a company’s greatest asset and if you want to recruit fresh talent from the market before your competitors, you’ll have to work on creating a brand for your company within the colleges you wish to recruit from first.

Why is it important to build a company brand name

Branding is important as it makes a memorable impression of your company and allows your audience to know what to expect from your business. It helps in distinguishing yourself from the competitors and highlighting what you offer that makes you a better choice or place to work. Here are a few reasons why brand building is important when planning campus recruitment:

  1. It creates awareness about your business and helps build a connection with the students
  2. It gives you an edge over your competition in that candidates would already be vying to join your organization if they know more about you
  3. It improves brand recall and word of mouth marketing which eventually leads to attracting better candidates
  4. It builds trust with your prospective candidates and ultimately longer associations with your brand

How to build your brand?

The first step to build a brand is identifying your target audience. Once you have successfully identified this, you can then begin to plan out your brand strategy. To build a successful brand a company has to be consistent in its communication and the experience it has to offer. To start with, here is a list of Must-Dos that can help your company improve its brand visibility to attract better talent:

  1. Maintaining an active social media page: In today’s digital world, it has become a necessity for every company to have a social media strategy and have an active social media page, especially if you want to get the best from campus recruitments. One of the places students are bound to look when deciding whether or not to apply for a position in your company is your social media handle. Regular posts about your work and technology will be able to give any student looking for information about your company a credible source to learn and discover what your company is all about.  Remember what you post on your social media page and also the regularity of your post is directly connected to the impression it creates about your company.
  2. Conduct a couple of events/competitions relevant to the opening: Another smart way to bring about brand awareness in colleges is by conducting regular campus and off-campus events related to your work or a specific job opening. These events could be, Product Launches, Crisis Management, and Brand Promotion events, Hackathons and more through which students from different colleges can participate to showcase their skills and also learn and become aware of your brand and work.
  3. Conduct a talk session with alumni: If you have previously had a successful campus recruitment drive, use it to your advantage. Identify a student, now working with your company who can act as alumni for your company and conduct sessions in colleagues you wish to recruit from. Having alumni represent your company will increase your brand appeal among the students, therefore increasing your chance to have another successful campus recruitment drive.
  4. Video on the Career Growth and the Culture in your organisation: Another great strategy to adopt when building a brand name for your company in colleges would be to have a repository of videos that detail various aspects of your business such as career growth, work culture, infrastructure, special amenities, and benefits etc. Getting a few previous campus-hires to talk about their experiences with your company can also be a winner in adding and creating brand awareness.
  5. Blogs: Frequent blogs about your company that highlight the company’s achievements, growth process, developments and more is also a great way to build brand awareness.   
  6. Create recruitment awareness: Before you start a campus recruitment drive, making the students aware of your company, what you do, the job role and even your interview processes are necessary. In order to do this, it becomes important for companies to prepare an effective pre-placement talk that will cover all these points and help students understand your brand more effectively. This will also help students get an insight into the company and prepare for the interview better.  

So if you are a company looking to run a successful recruitment drive, remember to first create brand awareness. Brand awareness will build trust among the students and only encourage them to join your company. To know more, visit

Jul 25, 2018

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