5 interview strategies to follow to improve the hiring process

Sep 19, 2018

5 interview strategies to follow to improve the hiring process

If you are a recruiting firm that is often faced with candidates turning down the offer letter after they are interviewed and shortlisted by you, your hiring strategy needs to change now. Students put in a lot of efforts preparing for the campus recruitment and work hard to reach till the interview round, which according to them is the most important one. Turning down the offer letter happens mostly due to bad interviewing experience or overall poor candidate experience they had to go through in the recruitment drive, and it is an indicator to the hiring team to change their way of hiring.

Contemporary interviewing practise

In the contemporary business, interviewing takes place with a sense of urgency where the panel stays focused on a single goal – hiring the right candidate at the earliest. The time and space allotted to the interview session are limited, while the sense of urgency to lock in the best candidate remains high. Such a goal may fetch you the required talent but with some dysfunctional consequences. These consequences include poor candidate experience and dissatisfied new recruits, and this may also affect the company’s brand value. In the current interviewing scenario, the interviewers remain preoccupied in managing their time so much so that the purpose and content of the interview go ineffective. With no proper questions, the goal of evaluating the desired skill sets in a candidate goes unfulfilled. Discussed below are the best interview strategies to follow in this modern-day interview session to improve the hiring process and also enhance the candidate experience.

Five strategies for recruiters

Time management is important in a campus recruitment drive, but if the recruiters focus too much on managing time and do not put an effort to administer good assessment tests or ask challenging questions in the interview to evaluate the skills of candidates, their recruitment efforts go in vain.

Here are the top five interviewing strategies that explain in great detail about how to interview candidates, how to ask questions to them, and how to make the right decision during a candidate selection process. These strategies ensure you hire talented and promising candidates from the campus.

  1. Evaluation parameters: Before commencing the campus recruitment drive, the HR has to plan out goals for the day which include defining the objectives of each round, skills they wish to evaluate in a candidate and set an evaluation parameter or scorecard to shortlist the best talent. An evaluation parameter helps to eliminate bias in the selection process and save their time. The collective scores of all the assessment rounds should be shared with the interviewers such that they focus on evaluating students for their talent, thinking ability, problem-solving capability, etc., and finalise the best among them.
  2. Right questions: Your assessment tests and interview questions determine what type of candidates join your firm. The questions must be designed well to assess their knowledge and problem-solving skill. Here, the HR team identifies the best performers based on the individual scores and forwards the list of finalised candidates for further rounds. This way, the hiring team ensures that they fulfil their goals and objectives of each round.
  3. Right interview panel: Identifying the right person for the interview panel is half the job done since it determines how many talented candidates you will hire. The interviewers must be well-trained and experienced individuals who have a good understanding of how to talk to a potential candidate and assess the desired skills in them. The panel should discuss the company brand, achievements, targets, and values efficiently so that the interviewees feel secure about accepting the offer letter. Thus, it is the responsibility of the panel to ensure a good candidate experience and hire the best talent for the firm.
  4. Good decision makers: The recruiting panel is the ultimate decision maker that shortlists the top talent through various rounds of interviews. Having recruiting champions with good experience and knack to identify talent is extremely helps them determine which candidates to choose and whether they possess the required skills to commence working for the firm. The interviewers make conclusions after intense discussion among other members based on the assessment scores and the interview scores of each candidate; hence, they make the right decision and welcome the best talent into the company.
  5. Listen Attentively: Good interviewers are great listeners. They listen attentively to what the candidate has to say before basing their decision of selecting or rejecting them. Interviewers also let the candidates talk about their preferences, queries and opinions, if any, to understand the psyche and evaluate how candidates approach a particular problem. Students feel comfortable and express better if the interview is conducted in a two-way interaction format. This ensures a good experience and gives a positive outlook about the company among the students.

Key Takeaway

An interview is a deciding factor of how many candidates a firm can recruit, and hence it should be conducted in the best way possible. The recruiting firm should have a clear objective of how many rounds to conduct in the drive and what goals to achieve at the end of each one. With such clarity, the company succeeds in hiring the right candidates and also providing them with a great experience. In future, the firm can expect more candidates to join from the same campus due to their strong brand value. To know more, visit https://pod.ai/employers

Sep 19, 2018

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