Why you’re not seeing qualified or potential candidates?

Jan 14, 2019

Why you’re not seeing qualified or potential candidates?

Unable to find the right candidates? Here’s Why

A company’s talent acquisition team shoulders the responsibility of screening and shortlisting the best colleges for onboarding the top-performing students in them for a particular job profile through campus recruitment. In this process, the team goes through numerous college profiles and selects those that showcase a high probability of producing the most suitable candidates for the position. Even after spending uncountable hours on selecting colleges, screening candidate profiles, and conducting hassle-free campus recruitment drives, companies fail to recruit potential candidates with desired qualifications and skills for the job. In a worst-case scenario, firms are forced to content themselves with under-qualified or under-skilled candidates for the closure of a particular profile and focus on onboarding them to the job. And such a dire mistake digs a deep hole in the company’s revenues.

There are several reasons why a company fails to find a potential candidate from the colleges it visits, and it cannot be pointed towards one particular problem alone. Here are the most common instances where companies make the wrong choice of candidates.

1.Failure to cast a wider net

Sometimes companies follow a set pattern of recruiting from specific colleges and revisiting the same colleges year after year for conducting recruitment drives. Since the competition to tap into the best talent in these colleges is very high, it is difficult to recruit top candidates from them. This calls for diversifying your talent tapping strategy and expanding your list of campuses to visit for conducting recruitment drives. Diversifying your candidate search reduces the dependency on these few select colleges for recruiting candidates for the job profile. A company that does not expand its reach to different cities and colleges for recruitment loses on a larger pool of interested and talented candidates who could prove to be the best fit for the hiring position.

2. Not targeting the right colleges

Often companies focus on sourcing candidates from well-known and famous colleges for their brand value instead of venturing to lesser-known ones where they have higher chances of hiring talented candidates with relevant skill set and exposure. This leads to settling down for average candidates from top colleges who may not add value to the company. Not targeting the right colleges is also one of the major reasons why a company fails to hire potential candidates for a particular job profile.

3. Lack of a strong company brand value

A company’s brand value in the market does the talking for the current generation of students who are well informed about the current market trends and also about the hiring companies visiting the campus. Also, campus recruitments today take place in a slot-sharing basis, and there is a high competition among recruiting firms to get the “day-one” slot in order to recruit the best talent in the first go. This makes it essential for the employers to build and leverage its brand equity and attract the potential candidates to onboard them into their organisation.

4. Reaching campus at the wrong time

Campus drives require two-three months of efficient planning for successful recruitment of candidates. Also, it is necessary for the company to reach the college campus on time to avoid delays in settling down and commencing the recruiting process. If a company reaches late, it loses out on the opportunity of hiring the top talent, as the crème de la crème candidates get scooped by the competitors early, leaving behind other candidates who might not be an exact fit for the hiring position.

5. Ineffectiveness of the assessment test

Prejudice in candidate screening criteria is the reason why a company fails to recruit the right talent for the hiring position. Wrong assessment scores or improper evaluation of assessments can lead to the right candidates getting filtered out before the interview round. Therefore, the company fails to recruit the top talent and instead settles down for average candidates to put a closure to its recruiting process.

6.Bad candidate experience

Candidate experience during and after a recruitment drive determines the possibility of more candidates showing interest in a company’s job profile. Bad experience of one affects the whole recruitment drive of a company since other potential candidates do not show any interest and also not join the company. For instance, the company might have withdrawn the offer made to a candidate just before he or she joined the firm. In another instance, the candidate might have been terminated within a month or two of joining or he or she might have found the organisation unprofessional, unethical, or unstable after joining. The colleges or candidates who have had such bad experiences discourage students of subsequent batches from participating in the recruitment process. Job security and stability becomes priority for other potential candidates when they consider the job offer from the company.

In a nutshell

A company has to bear the brunt of hiring the wrong candidate since it has to deal with the consequences that come along with it. It involves not only the monetary costs of finding a replacement but also dealing with the damage caused to the company brand. Hiring companies should focus on following the best strategies for hiring the right candidates and at the same time be careful of shortlisting the wrong ones due to prejudice in the screening criteria. To know more, visit https://pod.ai/employers

Jan 14, 2019

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