How Automation is Impacting Human Resource Management

Sep 11, 2019

Lately, we’ve been hearing the words AI and automation a lot- smart technology is transforming everything and every aspect of our lives. And for the better. Repetitive tasks are being automated and human errors are being minimized as more and more processes are driven by technology and HR is no exception. The age of automation, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating paradigm shifts in how we work and new trends are emerging every day.

Digitalization has opened up a whole new dimension for recruiters and job seekers alike, connecting them like never before. Gone are the days of pouring over newspaper ads or waiting for headhunters to get in touch. Thanks to the power of AI and ML, jobs and candidates can be matched with the help of data and algorithms. Here are some of the benefits that technology has presented recruitment with:

Replacement of manual screening of resumes– While recruiters spend hours in paperwork where according to stats, 88% of the resumes are considered unqualified. But the latest technology can help you deal with this tedious task. There are intelligent screening software and platforms, designed to integrate with an ATS that internalise the job requirements and learn what qualified candidates look like based on previous hiring decisions. Employee data (tenure and experience) is taken into account to figure out which of the employees went on to do a great job. This knowledge is used to automatically screen, rank, and grade new candidates. Automation applied to resume screening is a blessing as a low-value, repetitive task is automated (and most recruiters detest that part anyway). 

Positive candidate experience through real time communication– The use of AI has resulted in significant improvement in overall candidate experience. With prompt response to queries, timely communication of essential information and effective feedback, AI has paved the way for a more seamless system of communication between recruiters and applicants. , the automated recruitment platform covers all these parameters and builds a bridge between the two parties, ensuring that while the hiring is right, candidates can come back with an overall positive experience. Fun fact- The use of chatbots have been known to free up almost 75% of the recruiters’ time.

Data shows that 67% of job seekers are likely to recommend a company to others and have an overall positive experience when they get regular updates and prompt responses throughout the application process.Real time updates provided by chatbots helps recruiters keep applicants up to date without putting a strain on their time. 

Video interviews with special features– Recruiters can conduct interviews anytime and anywhere. The quality of hires improve significantly as interviews are recorded and factors such as word choices, speech patterns, and facial expressions are assessed to identify if the applicant is the right fit for the job. The digitized interview technology can provide additional data points on which to judge a candidate. The results of conventional face to face interviews can be further augmented by automation as human bias is completely obliterated from the picture. 

Final offer and onboarding– Once you have finally settled on the right candidate (or candidates), offers can be auto generated and rolled out without any human intervention. References can be collected and other onboarding duties are taken care of through the power of artificial intelligence. With offer letters sent out and onboarding responsibilities taken care off, recruiters have more time to focus on the more human role of connecting and forging new relationships with the new joinees.

So how can AI help in recruiting?

  • Automating day-to-day boring tasks, freeing up recruiters’ time for the more emotional and communicative aspects of hiring
  • Creating a positive candidate experience
  • Evaluating and selecting interviewees without any bias or prejudice
  • Data management 
  • Swift scanning of application and alerting the applicant if the position is suitable
  • Can help in cutting down expenses that go into hiring
  • Makes the entire process more time-effective by reducing manual efforts

While technology has no identity without human participation, humans can also do with some of the wonderful solutions that technology brings to the table. Looking to speed things up and find the right match? AI is set to take recruiting to a whole new level. 

Automated recruitment platforms like that can make your life a whole lot easier by offering smart assistance and managing your data. From real time communication with applicants to data management to streamlining the entire recruitment process, brings new age recruitment to the table. Sounds interesting? Click here to know more: 

Sep 11, 2019

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