6 Reasons Why Investing in Recruitment Technology Can Pay Off Big Time

Sep 04, 2019

The last few years have seen a paradigm shift in how the recruitment industry operates- and the change can be attributed to the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to recruit talent. AI in recruiting is being used for real business benefit and has sparked off a whole new area of disruptive dialogues, technological innovations and industry interest. 

More and more companies are waking up to the incredible benefits that AI brings to the table and are investing in diverse recruiting tools to automate their recruitment practices and upgrade outdated systems. While the common misconception around AI is that technology is set to replace man, experts believe that technology is not a replacement of man but is in fact smart assistance that is optimizing efficiency and automating repetitive tasks. 

So what are the factors that are motivating HR leaders and smart recruiters to venture into the area of AI-based smart recruiting technology?

Online applications– A rudimentary form of AI is already being used by application tracking systems (ATS) to evaluate and shortlist candidates. Smart recruiting technologies take it to a deeper level, where predictive and intelligent analysis is conducted to shortlist the suitable job seekers from a vast talent pool. Most recruiters detest the drudgery of having to sort through a pile of resumes to find the right person. But thanks to AI technology, the data analysis is already conducted on behalf of the recruiter. 

Targeting the right candidates– Not only are mundane and repetitive tasks being automated, AI can identify passive job seekers with potential and select candidates based on their alignment with the organizational values. Human bias and misjudgement are eliminated as evaluation and selection are based purely on data analysis and algorithms. 

Level playing field for job seekers– A poorly worded resume can lead to the disqualification of a perfectly suited and talented candidate. Similarly, an impressive resume might conceal many a red flag. AI helps you go beyond appearances and discern real-world accomplishments. Face to face interviews and other screening methodologies might (in some cases) lead to biased results which can lead to a bad hire. This is the pain point that advanced technology identifies and solves.

Remote hiring– Most recruiters are ill-equipped to hire, retain and offboard remote employees. With gig economy being a new thing, AI technology can help in hiring the right person for the right job through data analytics and more. Historic data can be processed and culled from different sources to assess the suitability of a candidate. 

Video interviews– From candidate interviews, recruitment marketing to onboarding new hires, video as a medium of communication has been becoming more and more popular with recruiters. Advertising your employee value proposition through videos has also become a highly effective way of attracting the attention of qualified candidates. Job descriptions on job sites can also be presented in the form of videos and this is just one of the ways that videos are being innovatively leveraged to create an impression. Other cutting-edge functions of videos include facial expression analysis for behavioral analysis and truth detection. 

More data, more intel– With more and more data being fed into the recruitment automation platform, the platform becomes more intelligent with time. Artificial Intelligence can leverage the data to continuously learn from the previous recruitment cases. This can lead to more accurate results in lesser time. Platforms like Pod.ai can manage all the data and conduct analysis to come up with effective results. 

The efficiency of smart recruiting technology, complemented by intuition and on-ground experience of recruiters can help in hiring the best teams which will ensure long term organizational success. To understand how automated recruitment can amp up your game, get in touch with our team of experts. Intrigued about how Pod.ai can help you recruit? Visit us at https://pod.ai/ 

Sep 04, 2019

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