5 Ideas to Improve Your Campus Recruitment Strategy

Dec 31, 2020

Campus recruitment might be the most common recruitment practice, but sometimes pulling off a placement drive can be quite ad hoc and chaotic. Every year, companies all over India hire fresh graduates from over 3500 colleges with the primary goal of hiring fresh talent. 

But campus placement is so much more than that! Hiring freshers is also a great way to promote your brand among colleges and a positive candidate experience can prove to be the best possible testimony for an organization. 

The way to impress millenials is something that the HR of every company is on a mission to decode. And we’ll bail you out with some quick and handy tips on creating a successful campus placement strategy. 

Make your campus pitch compelling: With other companies vying for the best candidates from a limited talent pool, it is important to craft a brand image that appeals to all kinds of candidates. While some graduates would like to work in a dynamic startup to further their entrepreneurial dreams, others are looking for a speedy vertical growth and are on the lookout for career opportunities in an MNC. Come up with a pitch that will appeal to all categories of job seekers, making your hunt for the perfect person that much more effective and holistic. 

Deliver a killer pre-placement talk: The first impression that your company makes is absolutely crucial. And even though it is essential to talk numbers, facts and figures, avoid following the beaten path and try to engage with your audience by talking about how they’re a part of the bigger picture, the impact they can make, the work culture, the organisation’s hierarchy and overall market and technology trends. 

Assessment tests to filter candidates: Because of the sheer volume of candidates, some of the suitable ones might fall through the cracks. Pre-placement tests held online can help in filtering out candidates who lack the basic skills required for the job. Parameters such as technical aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability and psychometric quotient can be evaluated based on these tests. Ideally, the tests should not exceed an hour and should be quick, relevant and focused on one key skill. Campus placement platforms like Pod.ai can help in narrowing down the options so that recruiters can focus on more reliable and suitable candidates.

Automation of repetitive tasks: The days of traditional recruitment practices are passe. Like in any other field, technology can help you stay ahead of your peers in more ways than one. The least favorite tasks of recruiters can be automated, freeing up more time for more meaningful conversations and evaluations. Automated emails and chatbots answering candidate queries are also effective ways of ensuring a positive candidate experience that can make your brand more appealing to millenials. FYI, word of mouth is often a zillion times more effective than the best promotion and ad strategy. 

Social media is THE place to be: If you’re looking to hire freshers, you don’t want to miss out on a slice of the social media pie! Social media is where Gen Z lives and according to stats, more that 35% of recruitment is currently being done through social media. From internships to full time jobs, make a splash in the virtual world with relevant hashtags, cool content and a riveting perspective on why your organisation provides the greatest career opportunities! 

Pod.ai ’s team of recruitment experts can guide you on the dos and don’ts of the latest campus placement practices. A leading name in India’s recruitment automation industry, we can help you rake up your recruitment numbers and conduct smooth and effective placement drives through data management, data analytics, engagement platforms, automation of manual tasks and more. 

Dec 31, 2020

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