3 Recruiting Trends in 2020: Predicting the Future

Aug 30, 2019

If you’re striking the right balance between traditional and digital channels when recruiting, you’re already heading in the right direction. Companies are constantly coming up with new ways of hiring talent and it helps when recruiters are aware of the existing and upcoming recruiting trends. 

Time-tested hiring trends

Job sites like Naukri and Monster have become the recruiting mainstay in the last few years, making the hiring process a whole lot more fluid. Recruiting platforms like Linked In and Recruiter are other popular online recruiting methods while organic social media postings are also known to yield very decisive results. The wave of digitalization has swept the industry a while back and no hiring strategy can reach its optimum potential without the use of digital marketing. 

Off-line methods also have great credibility and some of them have been used by recruiters from the very beginning. Some of the oldies that are certified gold are employee referral programs, job ads in print publications, job fairs, in-person networking and the outsourcing of hiring to recruiting agencies. 

While the latest technology is continuing to upgrade the hiring game in 2019 and 2020, a combination of the existing online and offline methods are guaranteed to get you some of the best talent out there. 

According to a prestigious survey where more than 4000 experts from the HR industry were interviewed, here are some recruiting trends that will sweep the corporate world in 2020:

  1. Use of technology and algorithms for improved job and candidate matching- Let’s consider how online dating works. A combination of keywords and predetermined parameters are likely to bring the right candidate to the right job. And this trend removes human bias and faulty assumptions from the equation. As a recruiter, you should use industry-standard keywords instead of company jargon when posting a job description. Choose promotional channels and platforms keeping your target talent in mind. When reaching out to matched candidates, give them a peek into the company culture and talk about the career opportunity that this position affords. Not just the job requirement. 
  1. Big data is the real deal- With billions of professionals coming into the picture, a quantitative and data-driven approach is the need of the hour and has been replacing antiquated processes in the last few years. As the talent pool grows, so does data- and exponentially. Big data needs to be harnessed and leveraged to throw up effective results. Resize your talent pool according to your chosen parameters, tweak your job descriptions accordingly and use data to understand what your target talent is looking for in the job. Only the use of big data can help you deal with the increasing job complexity, candidate diversity and increasing competition. Applicant tracking platforms like Pod.ai can help in effective and organised hiring and minimizes the manual labor that goes into screening an avalanche of resumes to get to the right person. 
  1. Intensive Promotion of Talent Brand- Promote your talent brand through cost effective channels. Social media is a veritable gold mine when it comes to showcasing your company. Use the free Linked In tools, attract more company followers, post compelling content, write blogs and encourage the community to share them organically. The idea behind talent brand promotion is not hard selling your brand. Online talent brand promotion is an effective way of warming up potential candidates and relaying compelling information about the company. When creating content, ensure that your tone matches the tone and spirit of your company culture. As a part of your recruitment strategy, online organic promotion of what your organization is all about is perhaps the smartest way to make an impression and send out a clear message (without costing you a bomb). 

While on a holistic level, adopting some of these trends can yield some great results, so can the use of automated recruitment platforms like Pod.ai . Remember what we mentioned about data? Pod.ai uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline the recruitment process, organise job fairs, conduct campus placements, and more! To know more, click on www.pod.ai.  

Aug 30, 2019

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