• Make Placements Your Differentiator.

    Simplify & Professionalize. Make Students Ready.

    • Efficient & Effective. Automate. No More Excels. No Google Forms. No Errors.

    • Standardize Processes. Profile Details. Your Branding.

    • Stay in Control of all Activities. Even on the Move.

  • Placements the Collaborative Way.

    Team Work at its Best. Engage with All Stakeholders.

    • Engage Partner Colleges, Assessment Providers, Experts, Trainers, Alumni.

    • Connected Students. Managing Data. Updates. Registrations. Offers.

    • Professional. Fast. Error-Free. Happy Recruiters / Companies.

    • Your Team. Faculty. Student Coordinators. All Together.

  • Grow Placements The Intelligent Way.

    Get Wiser Every Time. With Every Experience.

    • Insights into All Activities. Actionable Reports. Trends. Recommendations.

    • Enhance Employability. Take Your College / Institute to the New Heights.

    • Smart and Automated Reminders & Notifications. Never Miss a ToDo.

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One Centralised Platform. All Placements.

No More Adhoc Ness. Tame the Chaos of Placements.
Be Awesomely Effective & Efficient.
Scale to New Heights.

Features Simplifying Placements

Configure Teams

  • Set Up Departments. Campuses
  • Engage Team Members, Faculty & Coordinators
  • Department Level, Each Event Level Access / Permissions.
  • Associate Group / University Colleges.

​Students Management

  • Bulk Upload. Individual Edit. Students Data
  • Control Student Access & Allowed Actions
  • Standardised Professional Resume Format. College Branding​
  • Advanced Searching, Filtering, & Sorting Abilities
  • Advanced Master & Customised Downloads
  • History Trails. All Actions & Downloads

Placement Events

  • Define. Position. Selection Process. Schedule.
  • Broadcast Events to Students for Registration.
  • Mark Approvals. Shortlists. Publish Offers.
  • Share Registrations Data with Companies.
  • History Trails. All Actions & Downloads.
  • Download. Bulk Updates. Send Notes.
  • Pool Campus Drives.

Mobile Applications

  • Stay Connected on the Move. Android & iOS.
  • T & P - Edit Placement Event Details.
  • T & P - Manage Schedule. Registrations.
  • Students - View Opportunities. Register on the Move.
  • Students - Resume Edits. Submit Resumes.
  • Both - Notifications. Reminder. Calendar.
  • Both - Forums.


  • Detailed Insights at all Levels. Colleges. Departments. Courses.
  • Overall Numbers. Tables. Bar Graphs. Auto Generated.
  • Digitise Historical Data. View Trends Over the Years
  • Customised Reports. Leader Board
  • Download. Share. Reports

and more...